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  • Member: luggeriano
  • Studio: w00d00 Studio
  • Title: Grüno
  • Premiered: 2009-07-30
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    If you saw Borat or Ali G. in da House, you probably know Sasha Baron Cohen's own style. He is insolent and like to spoofing the typical clichés of some phenomenon or community: like rappers (Ali G.) or the Post Soviet era vs US cultural differences (Borat). Now in his new film he picked up the Gay theme. His fictive charachter is Brüno, a not so known "celebrity" with gayish and swiss accent who is desperately copying (and of course thus parodyzing) real celebrities and the fashion industry using the well-known clichés and the "being gay is si cool" theme.
    So when I saw the theatralical trailer of Brüno, I felt the urge to use it as a footage for my new parody. What would be the perfect choice for Brüno like as Gravitation. One punch to the BL / desperate Gravi fangirls, another punch to the laic audience. Probably some scene selection is not the best but I tried to connect Gravitation and the main character Shindou Shuuichi with the figure of Brüno. The original trailer is referring to Borat as predecessor of this new film. I picked Sensitive Pornograph in my own version because it has probably one of the highest popularity among hard yaoi animes as Gravitation has among the soft BLs.
    Editing took cca. 2 weeks with some stops (my muse or motivation sometimes left me) but I fortunately was able to finish till 30th July as I put in the credits the "Coming in..." text. I used mainly Sony Vegas 8, in some cases Photoshop and After Effects (e.g. for animated text)

    Because it's a parody, please don't take it very seriously, I do not intend to offend the BL and yaoi fandom just enjoy and laugh.

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