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  • Member: DancesWithRainbows
  • Studio: DancesWithRainbows Productions
  • Title: Forbidden Daydream
  • Premiered: 2009-07-26
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  • Songs:
    • Avril Daydream
    • Naruto Shippuuden Opening Blue Bird ( 3rd Opening)
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  • Comments: Ok i found this video on Youtube .... with a fan made Manga with this song and I looked it up on Deviantart and read it and was like 'This song fits so well" I decided to redo it myself...
    the same Fan comic and Song as the video i found by YakieChan

    The Fan Manga is Called Forbidden Love... No its not nearly as Smutty as it sounds
    its by AnauchihaD on DA

    Anyway I played with it a bunch with color and such this is the second video Ive done with a Fan comic.. the first was with a SasuSaku comic... i think i did MUCH better with this oen

    I must experiment more with this color stuff... it nwas fun and looks all Pretty
    I did this video blind... in otherwords i did it from start to finihs without rendering a preview... and never fixed it... I mean i was kinda to lazy to fix those liitle timing issues with the color changes... but im proud of it... ENJOY!!!

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