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  • Member: Rider4Z
  • Studio: Otaku Lounge Productions
  • Title: Rival Revival
  • Premiered: 2009-07-30
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  • Song:
    • Nightwish Dark Chest of Wonders
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  • Comments: Matsuricon 2009 Finalist
    Manifest 2009 Finalist
    New York Anime Fest 2009 Finalist
    KuroKiiro Festival 2009 Finalist
    Anime Banzai 2009 Finalist
    Zenkaicon 2009 Finalist
    Youmacon 2009 WINNER Best Action
    Tekkoshocon 2010 Finalist

    VCAs 2010 Semifinalist: Action and Character Profile

    So here it is, my 3rd Nightwish video! ... wait, it's only my THIRD?? o_O i can't believe i've only made 3 to my favorite band! how weird...

    well obviously i chose this song for the rhythm and melody than i did for the lyrics. i was well aware of this even when i thought up this idea a couple years ago. i don't remember exactly what it was that made me finally break down and make this thing... i guess it's because i was ready to break back into the Z. i have another Z vid in mind but it'll be more drama. and i was just itching for an action video i guess. What, Z? Action? big surprise...

    well breaking this video down:
    the first half of this video is pretty linear, following the story of how Goku and Vegeta meet. the flow of the song demanded me to do so. but around the half-way point, the song takes a dark turn. i knew this is where i could break away from the direct storyline and try to be a bit more creative in telling the story of what makes goku and vegeta rivals.

    the fabuloso art in the banner was sadly not made by me. i found them on deviantart. goku was made by, and vegeta was made by

    Special Thanks goes to Inaaca. you are the most awesome-pawsome beta tester ever!

    Some QCs i found encouraging or just flat out amusing:
    2009-12-07 : DBZ in 5 minutes
    2009-12-05 : proof that DBZ AMV's can be done well
    2009-08-16 : I can't believe I'm giving a DBZ amv a more than 1 star (let alone 4). What has the world come to?
    2009-08-12 : HOLY CARP THIS WAS HAWT.
    2009-08-10 : Oh, I get it! "Dark chest of wonders" refers to Goku's chest! *bricked*
    2009-07-30 : i jizzed a lil

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