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  • Member: Orestes
  • Studio: Fatal Contact Studio
  • Title: Destiny
  • Premiered: 2009-07-10
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  • Song:
    • Escape the Fate This War is Ours
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Ok last time I'm gonna update this.
    OK I wanted to use my Evangelion DVDs to make a video, I happened to hear a song a friend edited with and so I used it.
    This video was pretty fun to edit and I enjoyed it as well.
    Now about the video, in the slower part of the video I tried to show Shinji's hate towards his father and and about his mothers death.
    Then once the video starts to pick up more it shows Shinji facing his father in the midst of battle (explosion in the back) and how Shinji decides to pilot Unit -01(The title implies "Destiny" why the title says that is because, Gendo already knew Shinji would pilot the Eva no matter what.) and then Shinji is forced into war.
    The rest is action fighting one angel after another, I kind of wanted it to seem like he fought all the angels back to back.
    Once Shinji is fighting the final angel he almost loses and his Eva goes berserk and he defeats the angel but at the last second the final angel self-destructs and kills Shinji and destroys Unit -1 along with it along with it (hence the filckering at the end showing the Eva in the explosion.)
    Now to some people that actually read this it will make more sense to you + the flickering at the end was a part of the song I edited to were it sounded like it was flickering, but I was editing with headphones so you may not be able to notice it very well unless you have really loud audio or just some headphones.
    Yes it has a few flaws but I had found out about them after I had made the x264 version so sorry. =(
    Well I hope you enjoy, I did. =]

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