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  • Member: TheTsunami
  • Title: No Regrets
  • Premiered: 2009-07-09
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    • Garth Brooks The Dance
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    "Okazaki Tomoya, mired in grief following the untimely death of his wife, learns to overcome his regrets about their fate and cherish the time they spent together and the daughter they brought into their world."

    Well, what started on a whim somehow became a reality. The idea for this video, my first attempt at any type of video editing, came after watching (and watching, and watching...some 8 times the weekend it came out) episode 16 of Clannad ~After Story~. By chance I happened to walk past someone playing this song, "The Dance" by Garth Brooks, and the proverbial lightbulb in my head turned on as I realized all of the parallels between his song about the end of a romantic relationship and Tomoya's initial reaction to Nagisa's death, to question whether they should ever have met at all if this was how their life together would end. The initial plan was to provide this idea to a long-time friend who has often remarked that he would like to make an AMV, specifically in the romance/sentimental genre, but in the end he decided to serve as guide and editor while I took a crack at it. The process took roughly 2 months, between work, school, and clinical rotations in the intensive care unit, and was completed on May 31, 2009. Unfortunately, due to my desire to strike while the iron was hot (before my epic procrastination skills kicked in) and make the video while it was still fresh in the minds of the anime viewing community, I had to use HD video captures as a video source, as the 2nd season was still airing at the time this video was being created. Either way, I enjoyed myself as I produced this video, and hope to complete a second video in time for the 2010 convention circuit.

    My goal with this video, in a nutshell, was to tell the story of Tomoya and Nagisa's relationship, from their first meeting through her untimely death, as well as show the feelings of regret he had for several years before coming to terms with her passing and ultimately deciding not to regret their meeting or their time together. I decided to tell the story as a series of chronological flashbacks contained within his dreams, with the first verse and chorus covering their first year together in high school up to the point they first confessed to each other, and the second verse covering their time together as first a couple, then as husband and wife, and finally expectant parents and eventually her death, and him overcoming his feelings of regret.

    SanJapan 2009 - Editor's Choice Best Epic Drama
    Animethon 16 - runner-up Judge's Best Overall, runner-up Best Romance/Sentimental
    Manifest 2009 - Best in Theme
    KuroKiiro I - Best Artistic Endeavor in a Video
    Anime Banzai 2009 - Shiroto Award

    Final Cut with a few timing corrections (version used in all contests from September onward):

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