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  • Member: Orestes
  • Studio: Digital Revolution
  • Title: Faithless
  • Premiered: 2009-07-06
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  • Song:
    • Hollywood Undead Paradise Lost
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  • Comments: .:: The Making of ::. (This Oversynced P.O.S) lol

    Well to start off, this was a bitch... D: BUT I FINISHED SOMETHING OMFG.
    Although overall I think its decent, I just wanted to finish something.
    I'm not gonna say I didn't put effort forth because I did and its nothing amazing.
    I ended up working on this for about 2-3 days give or take since I messed around quite a bit.

    Beforehand I wanted to Edit this song choice and Evangelion because "I" felt like it would fit, Adam (Aerotem) made a little beta that was semi-motivating...
    So I said fuck it and did it, with that being said, I figured this was a good chance to test my Evangelion DVD's.
    Ripping and encoding the DVDs took well over 12+ hours. D:
    When I started this project I was gonna edit the whole song, then I cut out the 2nd chorus and soon I just started chopping the song even more.
    So I ended up with 1:37 secs D:
    This was be more of a Shinji/Gendo vid but I felt it was getting stale...
    So in all I think I spent about 20+ hours on this, which was mainly scene choice and going back over the sections I layed out.
    I almost said fuck this because my Vegas was being a Douche-Bag, I had quite a few rendering problems (which were my fault,I think.) but figured it out.
    This is my 2nd Full (Sorta) other than "A moment of clarity" which failed.
    I made this for my studio Digital Revolution and to get Adams panties out of a bunch lol .
    I like "most" of the video but to be more specific, halfway through the first chorus to about the end of Asukas part...
    Although I watched it a few times its got some errors and things I didn't care to fix.
    I kinda wished I edited more, even I wasn't satisfied with the ending... D: I may go back and work on more but I really doubt it.
    If you don't like something just say what I should have improved on or whatever you think,
    I already know I'm gonna get some up the ass Evangelion Fan saying it sucked ass because of the music or some shit but idc.
    I went back to my raw editing stlye and enjoyed it.
    Not my best editing, I still want to improve.
    I can atleast say a few good things came out of this, I have a better editing system now (not the computer,how I edit.)
    Also in the credits, the video in the corner is actually a beta way before I finished. xD
    The way I edited this...
    I faded to keep beat sync and also went with internal sync or the clips significance to the song.
    First Video on that works? When I get the time to upload it xD I don't have Teh Webz atm.
    Well if you actually read all that props :D but once again feel free to give me some feedback (good or bad) and whatnot.
    Last thing for this section, I have to say this looks alot better on an actual T.V rather a PC screen. xD

    .:: Story ::.

    Well I "basically" followed the anime's story line about how Gendo abandoned Shinji(Somewhat). Can't tell it all now can I? ;D
    It may not make much sense unless you've seen the series.

    *Side note*
    Watch The 2 new movies bishes. >=D

    .:: Tech shit ::.

    Title: Faithless

    Source: Neon Genesis Evangelion (Series)

    Song: Paradise Lost

    Artist: Hollywood Undead

    Aspect Ratio: 640x480

    Overall size: 21 Mb (x264 Version)

    Time Taken: Around 32 hours...(Ripping DVD's,Editing and rendering problems.)

    Studio: Digital Revolution

    Editing Style: Raw

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