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  • Member: Cross/fade
  • Title: Eiden Island
  • Premiered: 2009-07-05
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    • Nami Tamaki Destiny
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    Exams, stress, sleepless nights ... ah yes, joys of being a student. This AMV is a result of all of those, and more.
    Im in a middle of an other, serious-drama kind of an AMV but still, its even hard to find time to breath with all those exams ... because of that I really didnt want to "stuck" more than I have to in a serious, heavy atmosphere.

    Also, I wanted to try something new. This is when I played Visual Novel named Edelweiss - and I have to admit - it was fun :3. Not the best thing I played from this genre (I still love you Tsukihime/Fate stay night) but still good.

    Of course the hardest part was to make those CGs actually "move". I have no experience in this field, so I felt like a total beginner the moment I opened my Vegas and thrown some pics on the timeline. Ripping CGs was hard enough too. I had to find some weird looking
    applications on some weird looking japanese sites .... and yes, I dont know japanese .... Good there are so many tutorials, how to get those CGs "out of the game".
    I had bigger plans for this vid, but the thing is .... Im going on vacation in a few days, so I wanted to wrap this thing up as well. Yes, blame me. I want to go fishing and relax with cold beer in my hand.


    *Itsuka miteta tooi ano sora wa
    KIMI no kokoro ni tsunagatte ita
    Me wo tojireba itsumo
    Namae yobu koe dake kikikoeru

    Tooi hitomi no mukou
    Kimi wa nani wo utsusu darou
    Fukaku iki wo sueba kaze no iro mo kawatta

    Jibun wo shinjite iru noni
    Mune ga tsuburesou na fuan ya mayoi
    Aru no wa kimi dake ja nai kara...

    Kawara nai kotae ga areba ii
    Kanashii kurai toki ni nagasare
    Dakara eien toka bokura wa sagashita garun da

    In english:

    *Once upon a time, I saw the sky
    that connected me to your heart
    Whenever I close my eyes,
    I can hear your voice calling out my name

    What is reflected,
    on those faraway eyes of yours?
    If you take a breath, the color of the wind changes

    I believe in myself
    But my heart may cave in because of insecurity
    because you’re not here with me...

    It would be good if there was an unchangeable answer
    because time flows and is painful
    so we spend eternity looking for that answer


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