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  • Member: Molakwae
  • Studio: MoMzMaC
  • Title: Eluluu's Lullaby
  • Premiered: 2009-07-04
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  • Song:
    • Ishida Yoko Shiawase no Iro
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This was provisionally named 歌彼時覚 by a friend, but since most of us don't know kanji from kimchee, "Eluluu's Lullaby" became the English title. (If someone can translate that for me, I'd appreciate it.)
    This combined about a total of 40-50 hours of time, at least half of that on lip-sync details. (At least 12 hours alone on the sequence that had Yuzuha, Urutori, Camus, and Eluluu). This project combined several things I picked up from our previous projects, like smooth transitioning of a Picture-in-Picture while the back clip does a transition.

    The concept started as a try to put Yoko Ishida's "Shiawase no Iro" to an anime besides Ah! My Goddess: Everyone Has Wings (Flights of Fancy). Something about the bagpipes caused problems with most matchups, until we tried Utawarerumono. Bagpipes always feel slightly militant, so the "peasant rebellion" worked into the music better than anything. Then we obtained a copy of the translated lyrics, which built up the gaps. If you know what the words mean, this song might be more significant. We hope the message breaks that barrier, either way.

    Spoiler alert! Note: The English title for the song was debated, but Eluluu is singing to Hakuoro, who at the end of the anime, "sleeps." While you might find bagpipes and lullabies contradictory, this is as close to 歌彼時覚 as we think we'll get. (We think it means "A Song For When He Awakens.")

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