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  • Members: Radman, Kratza
  • Studio: Sunrise Studios
  • Title: The World Ends Without You
  • Premiered: 2009-07-01
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    • Paramore Pressure
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  • Comments: (Comments from Kratza)

    Over 7 years ago, I made my first AMV, or "Anime Music Video", when I was near the height of my anime fandom. At this same time, I was applying to my university's Media Arts Program, so it was also a good excuse to try my hand at editing (since I had done nothing in the way of non-linear editing prior to this).

    Fast forward to 2008, when I attended the Anime Expo AMV Con test in the Nokia Theater. The AMVs were all quite good, with the venue itself having a strong influence on my admiration for the creators' videos. Being here gave me the resolve to return to this and/or other AMV contests in '09 with a finalist-worthy entry of my own.

    Around the same time, I was really into a Japanese Role-Playing Game called The World Ends With You. The World Ends With You, or TWEWY as it’s known to the fans, is about these teenagers who recently died and entered a probationary state where they can return to the RG, or "Real Ground", if they survive 7 days in the realm of the "Reapers" (like Shinigami) and "Noise" (vengeful animal spirits), whose alternate reality is known as the UG or "Under Ground". In terms of the main characters, everyone is initially distant and closed-off, and has difficulty seeking help out of either shame or selfishness. As the story progresses, though, they start working together and sharing each other's burdens thanks to the realization that "The World BEGINS With You". Basically, it's about expanding your horizons, noticing people around you, being a good friend, and all this other "feel good"-type stuff.

    With TWEWY as my video source, I needed an appropriate song to compliment the feel of its characters/story...I happen to be a Paramore fan, and one of their tracks, "Pressure", instantly stood out as the perfect fit. "Pressure" is supposedly about the band's challenges when they entered the recording industry, mixed wit h sense of loss from the initial departure of bassist Jeremy Davis back in '05 (he came back). I really liked the song's chorus as Hayley and Josh's lyrics matched up quite well with the emotional struggles of the game's characters, plus its structure set up a perfect template to divide up the game's partner-swapping segments.

    This AMV was made over a span of time from August '08 to April '09 (8/08-1/09: capturing video/pre-visualization/re-learning After Effects; 1/09-4/09: editing). Starting in March, I enlisted the help of Radman (who had never played the game) to beta-test my various drafts and help with the post-production/encoding side of things...The goal was to make an AMV that could reach a viewer who had no prior knowledge of the game, while its structure tailors to the hardcore fans as well. So, for those of you who decide to check it out, I hope “The World Ends Without You” accomplishes that goal.

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