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  • Member: lloydirving6492
  • Title: Disintegrated Rescue
  • Premiered: 2009-07-01
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    • ROADRUNNER UNITED Army of the sun
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  • Comments: ************PLEASE READ************

    I had to use this song for a Tournament I was in and I ended up making a video out of it. The song isn't that amazing but I had fun making it. Honestly... the song sucks >_> I am sorry it is Naruto BTW. It is really unoriginal isn't it :S I would only give me an 8 max for originality. Anyone who gives a 10 is too generous.

    This is mainly about the rescue and the failed attempt to try and save Sasuke. How they risked their lives for their comrade and fellow Nin. By Definition, Disintegrate means to fall apart or reduce into pieces. Which fits, I suppose. So here is the video, I worked really hard on it!! Like... 20+ hours. I hope you enjoy. I was mainly working on some hard cuts, Action sync and video quality.

    BTW Sony Vegas 9 is terrible. I am going back to Sony Vegas 7

    Special Thanks to all my Beta Testers!!

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