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  • Member: Cenit
  • Studio: 360 Degrees Fluorescent
  • Title: Regula Falsi
  • Premiered: 2009-06-30
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    • Grand Theft Auto IV The Lost and the Damned [Trailer]
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  • Comments: Hi there,

    this is a short funproject that i made in March instead of studying for my exams. Because i had to finish my ACON/ACEN vid, there was no time for releasing this one in april and also after that, top priority was set on my VG5 part but now as good as done with that. So here is the release of this way too long delayed funproject.


    The name is from a mathematic way of solving problems. With that methode, you never really reach the point where you want to get but in the end you will get a result that is as good as what you wanted in the first place and better than getting no result. All you need is a point from where you start - doesn't matter, which one that is or how far away from your target. So the name hasn't to do much with that amv, but still it says a lot about how getting better in something works.

    OK 4real i really just like how the words sound and also it starts with an "R" as most of my videos do.

    Special thanks to my beta-testers JCD, Streicher and Mirkosp!

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