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  • Member: mounkeygirl
  • Title: The Last Days of Brigadoon
  • Premiered: 2008-09-11
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    • Al Stewart Last Days of the Century
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  • Comments: The first minute's kind of slow, but it gets faster after that! I was experimenting with my external hard drive (a mass information storage device) and decided I was going to disect the Brigadoon Episodes. Usualy when I need a clip I'll find it in the episode then move it to my editor, but this time I saved every clip from the episode first and then went back and searched through that to find what I need. The idea being I'd be less prone to repeating clips. The problem was, that was a rediculess size undertaking even with an extra 200 GB, avereging at about 13.5 GB per episode. I stopped at around episode 7 and just worked with what I had. This is another Al Stewart song (I did one before with Ouran) and this is one my dad used to play all the time when we where little. (I think he lost the tape between then and now) Anyway, its one of those songs I've always had in the back of my head and I thought it would match up well with Brigadoon. In retrospect, I probobly should have used more clips from later episodes, or shortened the intro music, but over all I like how it turned out. Please give it a chance! I know it takes a while to get started! By the way, I probably mentioned in an earlier video that my computer is picky about exporting. Well, when I exported this originally it was over 1 GB, and I manadged to get it down to about 80 MB without losing to much video quality. Oh, wow, rereading this I feel like such a nerd. :) LOL

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