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  • Member: ExSphere
  • Studio: DZ-Studios (D-Zi-Er Studios)
  • Title: The Dreamer
  • Premiered: 2009-06-21
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    • Coldplay Fix You
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    Well i'm not too sure exactly where to begin on explaining this video. Since I have alot to say about this video for such a generic cover. For now i'll just give you a little history on where it came from.

    Way back when I was still in my WMM days I really started enjoying FLCL, and FLCL videos. Such as Acomalas's "The perfect drug" and Kusoyaro's "My Iron Lung". So at the time I felt like I needed to do justice with that anime, so I made 'this' combination. Sadly it was un-thought out and under devloped in so many ways. about a year later when I had more experience and a better program I decided to re-make it. So I studied my old version and went off it. Again it came out as a un-thought out video with no feel or emtion. Now about...3 years later I stumbled upon that old video again, and I was really disapointed that I never got my message across with it. So for kicks and jollies I thought what it would be like if I tried to re-make this 'again'? So I thought really hard on what I wanted for this video and 'how' I wanted it too look. And decided I would go at it again. However I would NOT consider this a 're-make' in anyway. Since this is not similar to any of the previous ones before it.

    Most FLCL videos have already been done and the source itself is turning into a relic. But I tried to make this look like it's own video and not just something that's been mimiced from previous other famous videos. When I made this video I tried to focus on only 2 characters constantly through the video and leave all elements of the original story out. For example you prob wont see any robots poppin out of heads in this video or guitar's smacking other characters in the head. The video really focuses around dreams ( thus the title name ). More along of Naota seeing things that arent there.
    With the effects I really tried to use them sparingly and not just throw them all over the place. I only tossed them on a few sequences that really needed something to make them look significant, and diffrent from the rest.

    To make this video I used Adobe Premiere, and After Effects CS3.
    I spent about 4 months working on this and took about a whole month after it was finished re touching it up so I know all the bugs would be fixed.
    I'd like to thank my beta testers: Arashinome, Reda, SilkSK, LittleAtari
    For without them this video would not have been possible.

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