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  • Member: rubyeye
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  • Title: Phenomenon
  • Premiered: 2003-04-29
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    • Threshold Phenomenon
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    Broadcast Premiere: Anime Fun TV - July 31, 2004 __ Episode 8; Season 3

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    Threshold is the latest band I wanted to use for a music video since I first heard their last album, Hypothetical. When their critically acclaimed Critical Mass came out last November, it blew me away. The song, Phenomenon - used for this video - is actually the radio edit version found only on the double-disc set. It is shorter and more immediate than the original 5min+ version, which helped cut down on my editing (and your viewing) time. I highly recommend checking out their site

    Since music is the foundation of my videos, the next step was in trying to find the right anime. The theme of this song and others on the album deals with, as keyboardist Richard West states, "...the concept is about following your dreams, waking up the passion for what you really want to do until it's flowing so powerfully through your blood that you have to go and do it."

    That in mind, the only anime I could think of befitting of representing that notion in its story was Princess Nine. Unlike Battle Athletes, the “baseball” or traditional sports motif has always been a cliched allegory about pursuing some kind of “dream”. So it made sense, thematically. The subject matter/genre of the show also fits visually with the catchy, upbeat tempo of the song. And in following my style, it was different - certainly not what anyone would have expected me to use.

    Of all the videos I have done, this one stands as the “experimental black-sheep” for being unique. It’s the first ADV / tv series I have used on my new computer following the new AMV Guide, using HuffYUV, working in 24fps, learning how to AVISynth script, post-production filtering & compression. Given my time and learning curve to amass all this new information, I didn’t want to spend too much on trying to construct any fancy effects. However, I was certainly influenced by a number of sources to try out new things I’ve never done - such as the zoom transition and split screens. Of course, I still maintain my trademark of juxtaposing actions from different scenes - I just love the way that looks and makes the video flow evenly.

    Song structure follows the typical pattern of ~ lyrics/chorus/instrumental ~ so I build the video off that foundation, even going so far as repeating the same technique I did with my last video of cutting in random clips at the end. (: what the hell, it works :) I am strictly “relying on the strength of the music and scenes to wow people,” as one creator said, and as it has always been my style. Still, I tried a few new things here and there just for variety.

    On one level, it’s an experimental video. It is also another expository piece used to showcase a progressive metal band from Britain, and a rather superb, albeit underappreciated anime - Princess Nine. A series which Chris Beveridge of AnimeOnDVD recently shared at Anime Boston 2003 as one of the most underappreciated titles ever released - "Princess Nine was a topic for many months as it came out, and spawned a lot of forum discussion and a thirteen person cosplay group. The title was rarely mentioned anywhere else."

    Beyond that, this ... my 7th anime music video ... is my dedication to all of you, the fans. Thanks for all your encouraging words and constructive criticism. And for watching. I know a few of you have definitely been influenced by my work.

    So keep following your dreams ... ‘cause it’s a phenomenon!!


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