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  • Member: Prodigi
  • Studio: The Inner Circle
  • Title: Remember me.
  • Premiered: 2009-06-14
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  • Song:
    • God Is An Astronaut Remembrance
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  • Comments: Worst Instrumental 2010?

    General Info

    Friday the 12th of May:
    Prodigi249 (6:47:15 PM): i want to release a new video this weekend
    Prodigi249 (6:47:18 PM): that is my goal
    Prodigi249 (6:47:19 PM): a new amv
    Nessephanie (6:47:33 PM): wow lol
    Prodigi249 (6:47:44 PM): i have one idea but i dont think it'll pan out

    Right I was. Sunday 5pm rolls around and still no video. I think "eeh, I really like this song so I'll try editing to it". The first 30 or 40 seconds of the video were really just playing around with synch and trying to do things a little different to how I normally do. Eventually the video just became my normal boring thing.

    Here's a few interesting points:

    1) I haven't watched this source. In fact while I was editing I had no idea what was going to happen next, so let me just say I was as suprised as you when he pulled that thing out of his bag.
    2) This source is short. Like 10 minutes short. I used almost every clip (bar a handful) that there is in the source.
    3) This video was edited in 2.5 hours.

    PS: Luff Gina for introducing me to God Is An Astronaut.
    PPS: Sorry Bard ;_; I honestly forgot.

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