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  • Member: noelle675
  • Studio: Dreamscope
  • Title: Nankurunaisa
  • Premiered: 2009-06-04
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    • 3 Doors Down Away from the Sun
    • Papa Roach Carry Me
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  • Comments: First and foremost I apologize for the quality of the video. This was my last video made without the help of avisynth and unfortunately cleaning up the video as it is now is a very daunting task. ^^' Sorry for the quality. I'll try my best to do better in the future!

    A-kon Drama Finalist
    AnimeNext Sentimental Finalist

    A summary of the amv can be seen as first song is Saya remembering her past and fighting diva and the 2nd song is the conclusion. Nankurunaisa = Japanese phrase "Everything in the end will be fine" which I believe is the message of Blood+ and therefore I based my amv around that.

    SPECIAL THANK YOU to those of you (on youtube) who tested and let me know that the subtitles were readable at the speed they are currently set at. I finished the first part of the song...and realized it didn't feel complete so I stuck another song at the end to satisfy my need for an "ending" to my amv.

    For Blood+ fans, there are 3 major edits to the story 1) Riku is dropped off by Kai before he goes to search for Saya and not taken with 2) solomon switches sides from saya to diva to saya 3) diva lives and so does Riku (I know this leaves a plot gap for the the father of the babies but...make something up for that.) There were also some really hard clip maniupulations I did with the use of 3D and some lighting effects. I also ended up editing the final clip with the rose Hagi left Saya and placed it on the steps Kai was walking up. Solomon makes his appearance in the forest to see Saya off before her sleep and Riku is seen in the family restaurant before Kai takes Saya to the family burial.

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