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  • Member: Fall_Child42
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: Lawl & Order: Legal Tender
  • Premiered: 2009-06-13
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    • Justice DVNO
    • Mike Post Law & Order Theme
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  • Comments: Bum BOM

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    This video I had planned out for the 2009 Iron Editor.
    I had never done an Iron editor before and I had a really hard time thinking about what I should do.

    I found out our the theme was "Crime and Punishment" and the sources we were given included
    Dominion Tank Police, Akira, Baccano, Batman Gotham Knight, and You're under arrest the movie.

    I came up with a plan to do something that to my knowledge has not been done in an Iron editor before.
    I decided to make a parody T.V. Show.

    Law & Order seemed like the obvious choice since I love the show and i've seen hundreds of episodes.

    I got some voice actors made an audio mix and went on my way.

    I liked the way the Iron Editor version turned out so I decided when I got back to canada, I'd finish it.


    and now here it is.

    Special Thanks to my voice actors:

    Aquaman: Intro Speech
    Trythil: The God Damn Batman
    Liz & Yue: The detectives
    Catastrophe Clash:Police Chief / Judge
    Kisanzi:Guard with gun
    Kitsuner: Kaneda
    Ying: Kai
    Ulimited Rice: Defense Lawyer
    ZephyrStar: Phoenix Wright
    Mamo!: Head Juror
    Aesling: Promo Chick

    thanks! you guys rock!

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