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  • Member: Scintilla
  • Studio: Aquiline Studios
  • Title: Love Love *SNAP*
  • Premiered: 2009-06-12
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    • Riyu Kosaka Love Love Shine
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  • Comments: Why is "Schadenfreude" not a category?
    And thank you in advance for NOT uploading my videos to YouTube.

    What They Say:

    "This is made of win, and win." - JCD
    "That has got to have been the most fun I've had from an amv in quite a while." - signed "~Amo~", presumably Amo-Chan
    "It really shows off how nutty anime is capable of being." - Junior_Matahari
    "It's nice to see an upbeat video that was actually somewhat upbeat instead of an AE effects demotape." - Godix

    What I Say:

    I have to thank the people at TV Tropes for alerting me to the existence of Magical Witch Punie-chan (original Japanese title: Dai Mahou Touge), a little OAV series that mercilessly parodies and subverts the magical girl genre at every turn.

    Punie Tanaka is a princess from a world of magic and wonder (and very bright colors), with a wand, a transformation sequence, and a cute mascot... however, her enemies have the annoying habit of producing artifacts that are able to seal her magic. So what's a magical girl without magic to do? Why, get physical, of course!

    Just watch the video. You'll understand what I'm talking about. More specific notes follow:

    0:19 - Riyu says "sunshine", and I'm only too happy to oblige.

    0:29 - And now Paya-tan, the mascot, gets a few lines to shine.

    0:31 - This is what Cyanna has dubbed "Paya-tan's hypnotic butt".

    0:37 - This should be your first clue that this is not an ordinary magical girl show.

    0:46 - I did not speed this footage up. The vegetables are actually changing every single frame in the original source.

    0:52 - Let the pain of submission wrestling begin!

    1:01 - Let's punch out the audience proxy meganekko on the beat -- why? Because it's funny!

    1:02 - I love how I hardly had to edit this segment in order to get it to line up. Efficiency, people!

    1:06 - ...except for that last one. Oh well.

    1:12 - In case you can't tell (it does go by kind of fast), Punie has just knocked a big hole in the ceiling of her parents' castle.

    1:23 - And here begin the well-animated fight scenes! This OAV betrays a high animation budget; the fights are a joy to watch.

    1:34 - Umbrella wipe (kind of)!

    1:37 - More random destruction on the beats. I love this series.

    1:39 - This was one of the first sequences I put down on the timeline, because I'd had it in mind from the start.

    1:43 - And what better way to end the video than the same way they end every episode of this series (viz., a circle wipe)?

    Credits - Appropriately enough, the font I used is called "Snap ITC".

    I'm not going to bother posting the lyrics, because they have very little bearing on the video anyway.


    What the Judges Say:
    Runner-up in the Upbeat category at AnimeNEXT 2009
    Winner, Upbeat/Dance category at Otakon 2009


    Technical Notes:
    If you get the MP4 and the aspect ratio is wrong, don't blame me -- your decoder is at fault. Also, do not try playing the MP4 in QuickTime Player 7. It won't work.

    (If you are using one of the DIRECT links, please right-click and select "Save As...")

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