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  • Title: Liar's Remorse
  • Premiered: 2009-06-11
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    • Radiohead Karma Police
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  • Comments: I leave for basic training on june 23, 2009.
    I learned this news approximately a week a go.

    I haven't edited anything in a damn long time. I wanted to finish editing SOMETHING before I went to boot camp. And here it is. :)
    For better or for worse, this video was finished. My goal was achieved.

    Now, for you:
    Even if there is a serious time of war, is lying truly the path that should be taken?
    Lying, even for good intentions, will only cause pain and misery.
    This is what "Liar's Remorse" is about.


    (Probably good to watch video BEFORE reading) :
    The video is "backwards" in that it begins with the main character being "arrested" and ends with him just beginning to turn into Zero/put on the mask.

    The beginning defines the characters- the "karma police"(Susaku & emperor) and then of course "This man"(lelouche) and "this girl"(C.C.).
    [although there's some crossover between CC and the karma police, truthfully I believe she belongs to both groups]

    The 1st act, 1: 21 - 1:36 details that Lelouche's crimes only bring death, and at 1:37 - 1:47 we discover that the reason for these atrocious crimes is that Lelouche is actually zero, the metaphorical mask we put upon ourselves "for the greater good".

    1: 48 - 2:11, the 2nd act, shows us that old friendships die hard. And despite us wanting to trust our lying friends, when we do so it only brings harm to us, as well. This is further insinuated by the 3rd act/climax, 2:11 - 2:32, with the whole japanese massacre. Possibly Lelouche's worst mistake, but Zero's greatest success.

    2:32 - 2:35 just shows lelouche identifying with Susaku's loss- he relates it to Nunally and his mother, which was his reason for becoming zero in the first place.
    2: 36 - 2:45ish just shows how our mistakes can often lead to disastrous consequences, and 2:45ish through the end shows us that despite knowing we are wrong in what we are doing, we can't help but continue to put the mask on, as now it has become habitual.
    And the story will repeat, as that is A Liar's Remorse.


    Are subtle.
    Mostly just reflections in Zero's mask, although there was a lot of time remapping in this video. >_>
    [I'd say 90% of this video is not playing at the speed originally intended]

    And the whole bit with Lelouche & susaku as childhood friends during 1:59 - 2:07 was artificially made to look like a CC flashback. >_>
    Nothing major, and probably horribly done anyway.
    I was too lazy to move some stuff to after effects and did it all inside Premiere, which probably ended up taking more time/layers than just moving it to after effects. Oh well.


    The direct link leads to a 1.5mb/s WMV9 within a winrar archive.aspect ratio is sort of fucked (barely noticeable considering CLAMP's seriously lanky character designs anyway), but if you want a lower filesize, choose this link.

    Local link leads to an xvid. I haven't encoded an xvid in forever, so I guessed. It looks good to me and the filesize doesn't SEEM too high, so I'll cross my fingers, here.

    I only list these for LOL value and the fact that I don't feel like deleting them from my host.
    All of the files are WMV9s. I had a huge problem with Premiere during this stupid AMV project, in that it would encode like fuck half the time. So you can see through the betas that as the AMV gets better so does the video quality lol

    Anyway I redid the AMV a bunch of times, specifically the beginning. I also moved the 2nd dialogue around a few times.
    These are worth downloading if you have too much time on your hands/are interested in creation process / want a laugh:
    Warning though, the first beta I'm pretty sure has the very end of the series in it. So if you haven't seen the final episode of code geass, don't watch the first beta.
    That particular scene was taken out later.

    5 This is basically the final product aside from some MINOR fixes you probably won't notice.

    I didn't upload all of the betas. I mostly export betas for myself since Premiere was acting up.
    Many thanks to SSGWNBTD, Wuwu(YCSTR) and Devolution for watching this crap. =)

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