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  • Members (7): Koopiskeva, Corran, Kristyrat, Mamo!, Prodigi, mirkosp, trythil
  • Studio: Random Destination Studios
  • Title: testosteROS
  • Premiered: 2009-05-08
  • Category:
  • Songs:
    • Pendulum Granite
    • Pendulum Visions
  • Anime:
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  • Comments: Women. Money. Fame.

    All things not in this video.

    But we do have hot, sweaty, man action.



    As for a background..
    This MEP was basically a "parody" or a "spin-off" of the whole Reflections of Style (RoS, ROS5, ROStrogen), concept - closer to the whole ROStrogen MEP in spirit, but using male action. It just came to be when I jokingly made a then "fake" testosteROS banner simply cause it sounded funny to me. After a couple days, I decided to make it into a real MEP and recruited some good friends to help make it . It was just something we put together in a few days for kicks, nothing fancy - just wanted to make a kickass action video.

    Themes for this are:
    1) Male-driven action only
    2) Red
    3) testosteROS logo in each track

    We actually had fun making this (well, maybe). Hope you guys(also girls) like it.


    PS - Yes it IS ironic that most of the people in this MEP have never made an action video.
    Suck it.

    PSS - I forgot to add Baccano! as part of the anime video credits. ewpsicles. meh.

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