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  • Member: jethropr
  • Studio: Surface Dreams Studio
  • Title: For a Friend
  • Premiered: 2009-05-23
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    • Sia Breathe Me
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  • Comments: I wanted to tell a story from two different perspectives, but keep them both close enough that the viewer does not get confused. This is a story about 2 lost friends, one who has been taken away from this world, and the other that tries to find away to get to her.

    I tried to avoid the typical romance themes in this video, as for the most part, it is a sad tale.

    I think this video has a lot of meat in it, and could use some explaining to help the viewer get what I was going for.

    Explanation of the video:

    The video starts off with the girl in the school because it becomes a reference later on, we then quickly see her in her own world, devoid of everything; it's at point I tried to establish that this was her point of view we are watching.

    We now transition into the hospital. From here, it was my intention to inform the viewer that she is invisible to those in the real world (like she is in the movie). *Enter the boy* This final segment was my building block to later. We see the boy enter the room, but then look around (again, she is invisible). We then go to both of them reaching out to each other, but not quite getting there. *end girl story*

    *Please note* This next part of the story is suppose to be the precursor to the girl's side of the story.

    We now go on to the boy's side of the story, from 1:38-2:11 I was just trying to show the loneliness the boy was feeling without his friend, other friends don't fill the void, he stops cleaning up after himself, and he can't enjoy his hobby... etc, basically he has become a wreck.

    At 2:11 we enter the dream sequence that shows the boy running through the school that we first saw the girl in at the start of the video. The idea here was to introduce the possibility for him to cross into her world. He then wakes up and see's a letter on the floor.

    *side note* At one point in the making of this video, I did my own "sub" for the letter, basically telling him that his friend was in the hospital, but I thought it looked too cheesy so I took it out later on */end side note*.

    After reading the note, the boy goes to the hospital, only to find that she isn't there anymore.

    It's at this point I'd like to point out that there is meaning in the direction. Whenever he is going to the right of the screen, he is going towards her, when he is going to the left, he is going away from her. It's just something I did that I figured no one would pick up on, but made me feel helped tell the story.

    After leaving the hospital, we see him taking a train to a place he used to go to with the girl. I tried to convey that message by showing the scene of her run up behind him and then fadeout that it was a memory, and also a message to get him to go back. So now we see him going back to the hospital (moving to the right side of the screen :P), while more memories flash up of her.

    At 3:07, this is when the two stories come together, and as a reminder, this is from HIS point of view. He enters into an empty room (she is invisible), and then as an act of fate, reaches out to her. I faded her in at this point to help show the two stories coming together.

    At 3:21, I used this section for a few things, to quickly show how the two of them met, the two of them at the barn/field where he went earlier in the video, to make that same field hold a bit more significance for the upcoming part, and to introduce his flying machine. It's a lot to take in in a short amount of time and I probably could have done it better looking back at it.

    At 3:29, this was my climax moment with going back to them reaching out and then finally holding hands. *Enter the sun burst*

    It's at this point I wanted to show literally what happened in the anime, because I feel there is no better way to show that section, I then go to him going back to his flying machine, and prepping it for him to go to her world.

    At 4:01 - 4:30 , I call this the "race" section, I show him taking off to her world, and her running back to where he will fly by.

    The final two scenes I leave up to interpretation.

    That's the video, hopefully this helps you understand what I was going for a bit better.

    Hope you enjoy watching it, and I love to read comments so please don't hesitate to write one.

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