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  • Title: Through Thick And Thin
  • Premiered: 2009-05-22
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    • Clay Aiken I Will Carry You
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    Anime Boston 2009

    Quick Info
    (For those that don't like to read lengthy descriptions)

    Date Completed: March 30, 2009
    Time Spent Editing Final Draft: Span of two weeks, About 35-40 hours
    Time Spent Pre-processing etc. ~ About 10 hours
    Programs Used for Editing: Sony Vegas 6.0, Photoshop 6.0, Particle Illusion 3.0
    Other Programs: DVD Decrypter, Exact Audio Copy, DGIndex, AviSynth, VirtualDubMod, Zarx264GUI, BeSweet GUI
    Editing Style for video Starts out slow and gets a little more intense as the song picks up. Effects consist of custom made ones in Particle Illusion and circlet "raindrops" and flashes. Crossfades and black fades were also used throughout the video.

    Editing and Concept:

    (Below may contain some spoilers for my video and for the series.)

    I had more fun working on this project than I have had in a very long time! :) The editing, for the most part just came naturally and I really enjoyed trying out new things with Particle Illusion and watching everything fall into place.

    The inspiration for this video came when I didn't expect it at all. I was outside going for a walk listening to songs on my iPod when I heard Clay Aiken's "I Will Carry You" come on. I hadn't listened to the song in a very long time, but as I heard more and more of the lyrics I realized that they fit Takeru and Hikari of "This Ugly Yet Beautiful World." The song is romantic and adrenaline pumping and the anime is full of action and romantic moments so I knew they would fit together perfectly. When I re-watched the series that week I realized that the storyline fit the song even more than I had remembered. The story in my AMV focuses on Hikari's struggles like how to get around in a world she is not familiar with and most of all, her struggles on whether to stay true to her "real function" in life to destroy the world when she has fallen in love with Takeru and has grown attached to the world they live in. Takeru helps her find the truth in her heart when she is constantly reminded by the "voices" what she was supposed to be there for and he shows her that love can last through even the deepest amounts of pain and darkness. Throughout the series, Takeru is always there to carry Hikari when she is feeling down and is always by her side when she is struggling with her emotions up until the very end and that was my main focus.

    Pre-processing and Note About Quality:

    Not much to say here besides I had a little trouble with the quality of the DVDs. There is a weird chroma/luma de-sync issue and every once in a while especially in high motion scenes, the color leaked out of the lines. It looks like normal blending at first glance, but I was unable to find or figure out a way to get it fixed through Avisynth.

    My solution was to cut out the bad frames in Vegas and replace them with better ones, but that was not possible in every scene since sometimes there weren't any good frames to replace the bad ones with and cutting the bad ones out completely made the footage look jumpy.

    I ended up being able to successfully fix about 90% of those scenes. :) If I figure out a way to fix them completely, maybe I'll remaster this one day.

    Thanks to everyone who tried to help me with the problem. Here is the thread where I was working on a solution.

    Thank Yous!

    Thanks a lot to:

    - Eric V. for encouragement and for looking at my various drafts.

    - Everyone who helped me out in the thread mentioned above.

    - Anyone who takes the time to watch my videos and rate/comment. :)


    I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching.

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