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  • Member: Cenit
  • Studio: 360 Degrees Fluorescent
  • Title: Renegade: VERSUS
  • Premiered: 2009-05-02
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    • Stereo MC's Get on it
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    Damn it - felt like years finishing this but it's finally done. I started this right after Rebirth - The Second Chance but dropped it somewhere in October for finishing a few other projects and restarted the project in 2009. I'm happy it's finally done. It was much fun editing but i have to move on to work on some other AMVs. My editing skills haven't improved that much but i could make the same stuff like last time way faster and better. Hope you will like it.

    All this started around june last year when i first saw 'Green VS Red'. It looked so awsm and was somehow very different to other Lupin3 Movies so i thought i could give it a try once i was done with 'RSC'. I had also worked with Lupin in 2006 where i tried for 'Voyage to Danger' but that one was a total fail and i never finished it. So back to Renegade ... i started this project right after releasing 'Rebirth' ... but after the first week of prepareing footage in october i stopped - dropped the project and tried something else. Then i found a new song in december that lead to a restart of the project. Also around that time Streicher encouraged me working with 704/480 AR and showed me a lot of things that made it easy for me doing the AMV that way. So so for like 2 weeks it worked but then i got bored of the song - dropped the project again and worked on other AMVs. After that i found 2 other songs that would have fit the concept but they also failed. I guess it was in February when Shui gave me a bunch of music including 'Get on it'. I heard that song and immediatly thought "Thats the song i wanted - this will do!" and so i restared the project a fith time, spend most of my freetime working on it and finally got it finished around eastern 2009 for Anime09/ACEN09 deadline.

    'Renegade: VERSUS' was premiered on May 2nd on Anime 2009 AMV Contest in Almelo (Netherlands). I went there with JCD and met a lot of awsm editors like Douggie, Niotex and Rellik. It was an epic weekend and we had lots of fun there so i hope to be there one day again. I did also send this exclusively to ACEN09 in Chicago for Upbeat/Dance. Also RVS was shown at the Japan Expo 2009 in Paris where it made 7th overall, the Anime Weekend Atlanta 15 Expo Contest in the USA where it won best Dance and the German Connichi 2009 "Free For All" (Expo) AMV Contest, where it won Best Technical.

    4th at Anime 2009 (ACON)
    Finalist at AnimeCentral 2009 (Dance/Upbeat)
    7th at Japan Expo 2009
    Best Dance at AWA15 Expo
    Best Technical at Connichi 2009 Expo (Free For All)

    Well yep - thats it. I won't send it to any other Conventions but you can download it here in best possible quality (LOCAL) so let me know what you think about it. Thanks a lot for reading and watching!

    - Sony Vegas 7.0b
    - DVD-Decrypter
    - DGIndex
    - VirtualDubMod
    - Avisynth
    - Zarx264GUI

    Special Thanks to:
    Shui (for providing me with the lossless WAV files)
    Streicher (for his good technical support)
    JCD (for some last minute betaing)
    The Motrix (for hosting the direct-download-file)

    Sorry for my bad English!

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