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  • Member: BasharOfTheAges
  • Title: FutaMeat Armstrong
  • Premiered: 2009-05-08
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    • Jonathan Coulton Just as Long as Me
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    -- Concept --

    I was watching FMA one day when I noticed that Armstrong is a really tall guy. I said to myself, "How can such a tall man find a woman equally tall to love?" It was at that moment that I decided to create a video dedicated to Armstrong's search for an equally tall woman. This video chronicles his journey. Also, I threw in some Kooptangles for flavor.

    Excessively tall men face a lot of social issues that short and average height people never even consider. For instance, there are many medical issues (back problems) with tall men dating short women. As such, it is only fitting that Armstrong seek out a woman as tall as he. I intend to raise awareness towards this issue and hopefully change the way people think about tall men and women.

    -- Technical Details --

    The initial conceptual work (consisting of little more than notes on verse progression) began some time in early 2008. In Fall 2008 I managed to borrow the entire FMA set from Kiarrens and began re-watching and ripping the whole thing – this became a drawn-out 4-month affair. Once I sat down to clip harvesting and realized I couldn’t stand the prospect of scrubbing through 52 episodes of video, I simply dumped the 30 episodes I felt most fit my need to lossless files, and did all my clipping in Premiere Pro (CS3) while I assembled it. Most of the lipsync work was done in Premiere. After Effects (CS3) was used for the masking and some overlays, and Photoshop (CS3) was used further image-manipulation alterations. Including prep time and several rounds of revisions, the vid took a month of off-and-on work, a few hours each “on” day.

    -- Public Showings --

    ACen 2009 - - - - - - - - - Finalist
    Anime Boston 2009- - - - Finalist
    AKon 2009 - - - - - - - - - Finalist
    Anime Evolution 2009- - - Finalist

    -- Thanks --

    I never put credits or bumpers in my stuff, so i'd like to thank all my betas in #AMV and #AMV-review along with my friends (LantisEscudo, Dan, Alex, JMS, etc.) and those that refused to even watch it all the way through or give me feedback. Extra thanks goes to Kiarrens for letting me borrow her beloved FMA DVDs.

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