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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: GAS
  • Title: Good Times
  • Premiered: 2009-05-02
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    • m.o.v.e Good Day Good Time
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  • Comments: I hope this has put me out of my year-long sleep AMV-wise.
    Basicly, this started out with an old 80s song I heard on the radio at work when Seto no Hanayome jumped into my mind. At the time I was feeling pretty confident about it that this could turn into a very fun video, so I begged Streicher to rip the DVDs for me while I was at his place. I'm still really grateful to him for doing that, because he spent a truckload of money on them.

    Half a year later, deadlines started to close in on me once again before I even tried to start. I wasn't too fond of the idea anymore either, because I realized I had no idea what to do on the majority of the song. That's when I got the message that my very favourite band, m.o.v.e, were going to perform at Anime Central 2009, a convention I submitted videos to every year since 2004. So that made my new song choice kinda easy: It had to be m.o.v.e obviously.

    I had a hard time at the beginning, but I blame that mostly on me being lazy. Obviously I had no concrete ideas of what to do to this song either, but in the process I noticed that it didn't matter much: The show is just so whack, fast and crazy, it's almost impossible to make it not look random in an AMV. Pretty much a minute into the song I got the hang of this and editing became ALOT of fun - not a mystery considering I LOVE the show and LOVE the song. I was cutting it pretty close in general (started one week before the deadline), so that meant no editing breaks whatsoever beside for work, sleep and food. As usual though, I barely made it.

    I love the end result, it's propably one of my personal favourites now. As mentioned, it will propably come off random as hell for someone not knowing the anime, so watch with caution or a few beers. ;) Or, go ahead and watch the show, it is hilariously awesome.
    Anyway, enjoy and have Good Times!

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