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  • Member: AnimeKariChan
  • Studio: Small Child Studios
  • Title: Innocence
  • Premiered: 2009-02-21
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  • Song:
    • Avril Lavigne Innocence
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  • Comments: I made this video back in September as a kind of I really appreciate everything to my friends. They do so much for me and their honestly what gets me threw each day with a smile on my face. And even when Im not smiling there their for me. Even though sometimes I lie and say Im fine when Im not, even just knowing that someone is concerned enough about me to ask if Im okay usually makes me feel a lot better. And honestly, no matter what were doing whether it be just talking, walking around, or even making inappropriate jokes, I do treasure every moment I spend with them. So to them, thank you. Thank you for everything. Because you know I love you all to death and Im absolutely blessed to have you all in my life.

    The movie The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is actually my favorite movie. I love everything about it from the art to the characters to the music to the story. I knew I wanted to make an AMV with it when I first saw it over summer break and knew exactly what purpose I wanted to make that AMV for.

    Also, this was my first time attempting a full length AMV in Sony Veges.

    Footage: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
    Song: Innocence by Avril Lavigne

    Im very proud to announce that this AMV was played in the Kei Kon AMV contest of 2009 and won 1st place in the drama category! It was also runner up for best in show!

    Hope you like it~

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