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  • Member: siristvan
  • Title: Dreamfall
  • Premiered: 2009-05-03
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    • Angelzoom Fairyland
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  • Comments: Story:
    Let's assume that Tsubasa Chronicle ended with a happy end, thus Sakura regained all of her memories.
    Let's assume that two years passed since that.
    Now let's assume that she lost all of her memories again for some unknown reason and while she is unconscious she has a dream, or a nightmare where she is chased by some unknown entity, because she lost/forgot/did something or not.

    Why did I make her remember everything only to lost her memories again? Why did I make this background for her?
    It's simple! Because Dreamfall is the first episode of a series of AMV's which tell a completely different story about Sakura.
    Each of the AMV's will be completely different genres and tell a bit portion of the whole story.
    (Hope I will not get tired of the concept and end it within a reasonable amount of time...)

    So...First parts theme is uncertainty, sorrow and despair.
    Hope you like it! :)

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