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  • Member: -Cross-
  • Studio: ENC Studio
  • Title: Desert's Legend
  • Premiered: 2009-04-18
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    • Maroon 5 Can't Stop
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  • Comments: Hello every body. Pfiou, I am very enjoy, why ?, because I post my new clip, simply lol. In spite of I being enjoy, in fact it's a little deception for me. It's difficult to translate my idea in this AMV, very difficult. Alala, I'm so stupid, good, I stop to write more stupidity lol

    Why Trigun ? It's a funny anime, and I like the protagonists in the anime, especially Vash and Nicolas D Wolfwood. It's not a simple reason, it's the fourth anime I saw in my life and the declenchement element for my passion, the AMV Making.

    This video was created for the "Japon Expo", a big AMV contest in France, Paris and Europe. I am very enjoy and very surprise to have watch my Anime Music Video in the selection for the first thirty.

    The List at the bottom :

    Aggressor - De:Light
    Atio - Earth's Guardian
    Bea$t - The Box of Sorrows
    -BL- - Brohen Tone
    B-Wort - Death Note Tribute
    Cenit - Renegade VERSUS
    Cross - Desert's Legend
    Cyber-EG - Fly High
    Dn@ - W.U.N
    Drewaconclusion - WTF??? Why Are There Tomatoes In My AMV?!?
    Electro - Anthology
    -fantaghiro- - Syncronisation
    Galia & Kitty - A Melody of Memories
    Gilou_senior - Yubikiri
    Kain-x-Spirits - Sweet Drift
    Kazend - Spiral Warriors
    KEX - First love
    Megamom - Noise
    Mimilopir - The race's JE
    Mirkosp - Cookies
    Narutomaniac - Yakitate
    Nostromo - Galaxy Pad - The Magic Bounce
    Osnar - Nuvole D'oceano
    Qwaqa - Time
    SilentMan - Nodame Overture
    Snowcrash - Soldiers of the Future
    Sonydjsnmix - Gimme Asuka Jr!
    Thibarik - La valeur d'une vie humaine
    Tramp - Rerun
    Vann - Perfect You Are (P.Y.A)

    I am arrive 20th on 30th, it is a very good surprise. Thank you Nyala and Lensta for the beta-testing, Larryk ( Why ? I don't know XD) and Kyussei my sensei who has me learn the AMV Making.

    Big Up for Everyone's Naked Studio and Phoenix Team

    So, good watching.

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