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  • Member: Harmony7
  • Title: Don't leave me alone out here
  • Premiered: 2009-04-23
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    • Nickelback Gotta Be Somebody
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  • Comments: I was so excited to finally watch the movie. Although, the teamwork between Sasuke and Naruto was rather disappointing all because Sasuke has to be statue faced. Dude, we know you have not lost your personal feelings of your friends! The idiot! And yet I still can't come to hate him but more so feel absolutely sympathetic.

    So, about this arrangement… Well, it’s the quickest piecing I've done and two or three clips I added in just for drama while most of them were either my favorites but most of all fit nice and snug with this song of Nickelback’s that I've fallen for. You can assume this is hinting yaoi. I personally don't think it does because once again Kizuna gives Naruto and Sasuke a scenario where they have to work as a team if they don't want to kiss their buns goodbye.

    Oh! And the part where I put subs in when Naruto spoke, that is the REAL English translation. I know Japanese so while I watched this movie I had a clear understanding of what was being said and done, although a few spots I couldn't translate so I guess when subtitled version of this movie comes out soon, I'll get to see what they were saying in the spots I couldn’t understand. So Naruto mouthed the words the first time which the audience doesn't get to hear what he had said to Sasuke until at the very end of the movie. What a great ending to put that to.

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