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  • Member: Warlocket
  • Studio: Spatula Castle
  • Title: Haunted
  • Premiered: 2008-11-01
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    • My Chemical Romance Ghost of You
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  • Comments: Yes. ALL I make are Fatal Frame videos. (And FMA, but they both start with an F so...close enough)

    Basically, this is what I wanted to accomplish with this video:
    1. Make a Fatal Frame video that has as little horror as possible.
    2. Focus on the relationship between the twins (both Yae and Sae along with Mio and Mayu)
    3. Work on making the video flow without over syncing the crap out of it.

    I didn't use the whole song for this AMV because I really wanted the focus to be more on Yae and Sae and since there aren't all that many scenes with them I had to shorten the video. I also checked the Digital Effects box because I did screw around with saturation and whatnot. Not sure if that qualifies but whatever.

    Tigrejita for Beta Testing
    Penstrike for saying "eh doo eet"

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