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  • Member: Tearx
  • Title: Amor Fatali
  • Premiered: 2009-04-21
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    • Moby Whispering Mind
    • Trading Yesterday Love Song Requiem
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    I never thought I would have done an AMV with such a complex storyline, but here it is:
    It is the future and earth has been destroyed due to environmental disasters. A man just doing his simple job of recovering data from the days Earth still thrived, stumbles upon footage of a young girl. He suddenly finds himself becoming more and more obsessed with this young girl. Knowing that she had passed away long ago he still is left with sorrow in his heart. Eventually he is not able to handle this anymore and goes to the surface of the moon, killing himself. Now the guy is in heaven and finds the young girl.~~

    Finally found the Japanese translations which were used in this video:
    Despair- 絶望
    Isolation- 孤立
    Solitude- 孤独
    Earth's last days- 地球最後の日
    Earth's data- 地球の事実
    Beautiful- 美しさ
    the journey- 旅路
    Data Collected- 集められた情報
    My everything- 妻
    My life- 愛
    My love- 願
    My desire- 願望
    Non-existing Footage- 存在しない距離
    Data lost- データ無くした
    Error- エラー

    I was randomly browsing on the internet and stumbled upon a song called "Love Song Requiem" I just loved everything about this song and suddenly had a desire to edit with it. I actually had already thought out a plot for this video when I first heard the song and wanted to pursue that. Next thing I needed to do was to look for a anime that would go with this plot. Looking into my "ANIME" folder I could see nothing that would go very well with this. After a little while of searching, Suddenly the name "Pale Cocoon" popped out. &&uhh err yeah ;3

    Special thanks to the following lovely people
    Austin, Rrezz,Mollie, Mitch, and Dean-

    I hope you people enjoy =]

    Anime Expo 2009 Drama Finalist

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