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  • Member: ToasterStyle
  • Title: Looking Back
  • Premiered: 2009-03-09
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    • Tenmon Kanae no Kimochi
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  • Comments: DL fails. I lost the original render so I had to deal with a yt .mp4 download. In other words, don't try and view it fullscreen ;D

    Anime: 5 cm
    Song: Kanae no Kimochi
    Artist: Tenmon
    Time: 5 hours & 44 Minutes Rendering (2 days)

    I always wanted to try some kind of simple textual thing...sorry if you couldn't catch all the text...I wanted the majority of the text to move but it kept getting in the way..

    Anyway, the amv starts off with memories, which is why it has a little more effects and stuff. Surprisingly, that was the part that took the shortest amount of time. The next 1/3 took more time trying to figure out what scenes to fit, and ended up realizing that the song was too short for what I wanted to do. Anyway, the last 2/3 was raw edited so you could read and understand more of the text instead of looking at pretty beat-syncing effects. All the scenes also had meaning to them, although some deeper than others.

    The inspiration of this amv was from a book called the "Great Gatsby." (Spoiler?) There's a man who thought that it was possible to re-create, in essence, "his past", and my idea started from there. He wasn't able to re-create his past, but didn't exactly have the time to start on a future either. Being stuck where he was, he couldn't do anything, felt helpless and undesired, and so the man had to die, utterly, as a failure, despite his past recognitions.

    At about :49 there is a glitch where the text says "over". I'm assuming that's when I rendered it as a new track, so I didn't go back to fix it (along with many other problems I ended up rendering and then not saving the original).
    The mailbox at the end was not an accident. It was suppose to be used as an afterthought. I just realized after I rendered it that I didn't show any repetition to have that part of the "story" stand out.

    It's not really a story, just a thought, anyway.

    Meh, I wish I spent more time on it, but I have this knack of overdoing things sometimes so whatever .__. Maybe I'll redo this in the future ^^, probably not, though.

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