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  • Member: EkaCoralian
  • Title: Xam'd: Lost Memories AMV - She Is The Sunlight
  • Premiered: 2009-04-12
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    • Trading Yesterday She Is The Sunlight
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  • Comments: Anime: Xam'd: Lost Memories
    Song: She is the Sunlight
    Musical Artist: Trading Yesterday
    Total Amount of Time Spent: Approx. one month
    Programs Used: Sony Vegas 8.0 Professional, Paint Shop Professional XI.

    Plot: Furuichi has feelings for the girl he's been friends with practically all his life, Haru: but she fails to see these signs, and falls in love with Akiyuki. When all three friends are on their way to school, an accident occurs on their bus, and Akiyuki is turned into a Xam'd. Out of despair, he forgets his name and a mask forms on his face. He then flees Sentan Island in a state of confusion and sadness.
    Furuichi feels there is hope, but can still tell that Haru misses Akiyuki greatly and is showing no feelings towards him. Eventually, Haru makes a final decision, and takes a motorcycle (and later on a Beat Kayak) to where Akiyuki is. Meanwhile, both Akiyuki and Furuichi feel as if their hearts have been torn out, and as Haru and Akiyuki finally reunite, Furuichi unfortunately takes his own life. Once Haru and Akiyuki get back, they see Furuichi's lifeless corpse and memories of him flood back.

    This AMV was one I started shortly after I had finished watching Xam'd: Lost Memories. Its a little depressing, but I'm actually quite proud of it. ^^;; I really wanted to make a music video that showed the subtle FuruHaru relationship/coupling, because I thought it deserved as much attention as the AkiHaru coupling. The episode where Furuichi unfortunately passes away is what drove me to make this the most, because it was just a tragic yet beautiful episode.

    Next AMV I'll have here will be happier, no worries! xD

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