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  • Member: 1moongoddess7
  • Title: Oblivious
  • Premiered: 2009-04-11
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    • Kalafina Aria
    • Kalafina Oblivious
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    My first anime mix and my first AMV since buying Sony Vegas!
    It took me many tries to get a decent render...mostly because all of the filetypes confuse me....

    I apologize for the changing aspect ratios...I'm not used to having so many different animes to work with. I may try to fix that and re-render it.

    *If you have trouble downloading, the video is out of synch, glitchy, etc. You may ALSO WATCH IT HERE: click

    Lyrics and translation(from

    Hontou ha sora wo toberu to shitte ita kara
    The truth is that ever since I realized I could fly in the sky

    Habataku toki ga kowakute kaze wo wasureta
    Iíve been too afraid to flap my wings, and Iíve forgotten the wind


    Doko he yuku no
    Where are we headed?

    Tooku ni mieru ano shinkirou
    Far off in the distance we can see a mirage

    Itsuka obie nagara
    Which although we fear it

    Futari no mirai wo utsushite
    Will show us our future someday

    Yoru be nai kokoro futatsu yoriso u koro ni
    When our shelterless hearts drew close together

    Hontou no kanashimi ga hora tsubasa hirogete
    Look, true sorrow has spread apart its wings


    Yoru no naka de
    In the night

    Mahiru no kage wo yumemiru you ni
    Like a dream of midday shadows

    Kitto ochite yukou
    Iím sure we shall fall

    Hikari he
    Toward the light

    Itsuka kimi to futari
    Someday, with you

    Yoru wo asa wo hiru wo hoshi wo yume wo
    Night, morning, afternoon, stars, illusion

    Natsu wo fuyu wo toki wo kaze wo
    Summer, winter, time, wind

    Mizu wo tsuchi wo sora wo
    Water, earth, sky

    We go further in the destinyÖ


    Soba ni ite ne
    Stay close to me

    Shizuka na koi ga hora hajimaru yo
    Look, a silent love begins

    Itsuka furue nagara
    Someday we will shiver

    Futari no mirai he
    As we head toward our future


    Doko he yuku no
    Where are we headed?

    Tooku he nigete yuku mizu no naka
    We flee into the distance underneath the water

    Nante kirei na koe de
    What a beautiful voice

    Futari no mirao wo
    Our future

    Sing aloud

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