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  • Member: thundercatlord
  • Studio: Thundercatlord Productions LTD
  • Title: Revenge of Mr Transformer
  • Premiered: 2009-04-03
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    • Styx Mr.Roboto
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  • Participation:
    Most Technical at Tekkoshocon 2009
    Most Technical and Best In Show at Sakura Con 2009

    This video is my baby. I spent at least 10 months or more editing it. The original video "Mr. Transformer" premiered at Sakura Con two years ago, and while many liked my idea...I was never fully satisfied with the video. It just wasn't the way I had pictured it in my head. I didn't know how to make it the way it was in my that time. Then in 2008, I saw a video that was close to the type of idea that I had in my head. I saw the Transformers’ section in Vlad Pohnert’s video, “The Audition” and thought to myself…”That’s kind of the way my Mr. Roboto looked in my head” The only thing was that I was going to have to spend a lot of time on this, since masking takes a while… Vlad’s words were actually more along the lines of “locking himself in the basement” to work on his AMV. Oh joy… things to look forward to. I ended up will literally several hundred masks, and a final video with about 130 tracks of video and audio. Sony Vegas crashed on me a few times, I even got to a point where it would not open my project file and had to restart using the betas I had rendered. Thank God for betas. This is by far the most frustrating video I’ve ever worked on, but also the most rewarding.

    I chose to name this video “Revenge of Mr. Transformer” for several reasons.
    1) I wanted a part of the original title of Mr. Transformer, so that had to stay.
    2) I wanted it to be a play on the title to the Transformers movie sequel: “Revenge of the Fallen”
    3) I wanted to let everyone in the audience at the Sakura Con AMV Contest to know what my intent was. To win…or to get revenge if you will, lol! Well not really like that of course, just to rise from the ashes, so to speak.

    Mr. Roboto sung by Megatron/Galvatron…one last time...

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