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  • Member: breeman
  • Studio: Breeman AMV
  • Title: Soul of a Lotus Eater
  • Premiered: 2009-04-05
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    • Opeth The Lotus Eater
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    This video was almost a year in the making because I was lazy, and had some computer problems (that I won't go into) anyways, its finally done, and came out even better than I expected.

    I started it when Soul Eater started airing in Japan, because the raws were in High Definition and looked amazing. So I downloaded the first few episodes, and started editing it. Since I didn't have much of a variety of footage, the AMV didn't have any direction, but It still looked cool. Then I kinda, stopped working on it for a while.

    I'd come back to it now and then, but I wouldn't get much further in it. I had plenty of new footage to work with, but no idea where to go with it.

    Then, fast forward to mid-March. Anime Boston AMV deadline is just a few weeks away, and I'm not even half done with the AMV, I don't even really have a direction for it. Then, I buckle down, and get to work. After emailing Adam for the electronic submission instructions for AB and mentioning I'm a little late on getting it done, he gives me an extension from April 1st, to April 9th. Taking advantage of that extension, I work hard on it, and finally come up with a direction for the AMV. I delete footage using characters I decide not to use (Stein, Sid) and focused the entire AMV on Maka and Crona. Since the first footage I edited was from the first episode, and introduced Maka and Soul, that stayed (with minor fixes and additions) and after that part I introduce Crona and Ragnarok. Then, the fun begins, I use pretty much every bit of footage I can from episode 8 where Maka and Crona first fight. Then the song fades out... and a later part of the song starts, and BAM! Episode 20s second fight between Maka and Crona. With a neat piano effect, and some awesome footage, I close out the AMV on quite a strong note.

    There was much editing done to the song to make it 4:29 instead of 8:50, but the only noticeable edit is the fade out/fade in part. Also the fade out at the end of the song was an edit I did (by repeating one part a few extra times and fading it) because the real ending of the song didn't fit my AMV.

    Right now all I have is a 720X480 megaupload download, but I will be adding a higher quality download as well as a local download soon. Enjoy!

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