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  • Member: TwilightChrono
  • Studio: Vantype Studios
  • Title: Just Me
  • Premiered: 2009-04-06
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    • Craig David Insomnia
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  • Comments: Haha, I finished this a lot sooner than expected. I wound up getting really into it and couldn't stop myself from editing. Everytime I tried, I wound up getting more ideas, thus kept me from stopping XD

    The Lip Sync is partial and is really there only at the parts I thought needed it. And before you ask, yes, I edited Winry's mouth movements to make it seem like she was singing the note. Hope I did well.

    There are also a lot of and I mean a lot of Digital effects. I made sure to take my time with the entire video, and none of it in my opinion looks lazy.....I didn't slack off at all XD

    The AMV is told more from the girl's point of view rather than the guy's point of view. Although, at some points it does go to the guy's point of view. The AMV is also not solely centered around the characters shown at the beginning. It's more open minded pertaining to friendship's and building relationships. It also shows the hard times of a relationship as well as the good. It focuses on other couples as well.

    FYI, I am a strong supporter of Hibiki x Meya (Although, I didn't portray it here, I thought I would put that out there)

    I hope you all enjoy the AMV. I worked really hard on it XD

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