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  • Member: SSJVegita0609
  • Studio: Blood Sugar Productions
  • Title: Drift
  • Premiered: 2003-04-24
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    • Linkin Park Session
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  • Comments: Well, when it comes to this video, I really don't know where to start. I suppose I should begin by saying that this is by far the most effort I have ever put into a video since my start at AMVs. This was an experiment for me to say the least. It all began about four weeks ago as I was listening to Linkin Park's Meteora and thinking of how Hybrid Theory had been ruined by so many not quite average videos being made to it. I got to track 12, the song being Session, and decided "Hey, I'm gonna make one of those few Linkin Park videos that people won't reject as Linkin Ball Z-ish bullshit." The song contains no lyrics and one hell of a beat. Next came the thought process. What do I want to do here? Should I illustrate the music? Tell a story? More importantly, what anime should I use? All sorts of crazy ideas flew through my head until the final concept was developed out of a web of different ideas. The video for the most part is about Hitomi and Van. I really wanted to focus on Hitomi feeling alone in her world, then once trasported to Gaea, seeing Van as her match, or rather her "kindred spirit". But Van lived a violent life, making it difficult for Hitomi to make her connection with him. The later potions of the video are mainly Hitomi's struggle to find the Van that she wants to be with, benith all of the violence and the fighting. Naturally I need an antagonist and, since Folken appears an unusually small amount in the movie, I decided to use Dilandau. That's the basic plot behind the video.

    The editing was also something radically different from anything I've ever tried in the past. Much of the fast pacing did come from the music, yet at the same time I wanted to create a video that was more on the technical side, but didn't lose its true meaning benith all of the effects and flashiness. I used many MANY different techniques for the first time here. Most of the special effects you see were done in frame by frame since the programs I use aren't exactly top of the line. The two moving boxes took a particularly large amount of effort. But I also let a lot of the clips do their own work, the imagery throughout the Escaflowne movie is so mysitic, and almost breathtaking at times that it in itself is a special effect. BTW, BIG SEIZURE WARNING HERE.

    Anyways, to sum things up the ingrediants of this video are:

    1 part musical illustration
    3 parts Hitomi and Van story
    2 parts trying to create a good LP vid
    1 part action video

    I was about to click on Romance as well, but there really aren't many romantic scenes in the movie, and in the video the only scene that is really romantic is the ending one, in which I was trying to have Van mouth the words "I love you". Anyways, opinions are always welcome and enjoy the vid!

    **Winner: WNP Online AMV Contest**

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