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  • Member: Uanime5
  • Title: My Junk
  • Premiered: 2009-03-29
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    • Spring Awakening My Junk
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  • Comments: My 38th AMV is all about love. The anime is 'Minami-Ke', while the song is 'My Junk' from Spring Awakening.

    I planned to make an AMV that showed all the weirdness of series 1 of Minami-Ke but it ended up being more serious than I'd orginally planned.

    The basic outline of this AMV is as follows: Haruka is in love with Hosaka but he's dating Maki; Hosaka then notices Haruka, goes to Maki's class and dumps her, then starts dating Haruka; Haruka and Hosaka then go about their daily lives; they then decide to elope and while on the cruise Hosaka gives Haruka true love in noodle form; they then have two children and live happily ever after. If this plot makes sense to you please consult a psychiatrist as it barely qualifies as a plot for a fanfic.

    I was thinking about adding some text to make the story more obvious but decided against it as there was only one scene where it is necessary.

    As does not allow AMVs with song from Spring Awakening, so I uploaded it on Youtube:

    UPDATE 25/12/10: figured out why it wasn't appearing, I didn't do the second part of the upload process. Only just realised what I needed to do.

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