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  • Member: Pipian
  • Title: The Last HOPE
  • Premiered: 2009-05-22
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    • The Flaming Lips Once Beyond Hopelessness
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  • Comments: So the idea for this video came after I had been doing a bit of hemming and hawing about doing a second AMV, this one for Anime Boston (and you can see how well that worked out, seeing as it didn't make the finalists. Oh well.) Last year, I had the chance to sit and watch the Flaming Lips' movie Christmas on Mars as it played in a nearby art theater. Per usual for me, the music stuck with me, and I picked up the DVD+CD soundtrack when I found it for sale. When I was reviewing possible ideas for AMVs, then, I couldn't shake the feeling that it would go well with something suitably mysterious and ethereal.

    After reviewing the anime I had on hand, I couldn't find anything that would work well with it... Until I remembered the 2007 sleeper, Dennou Coil. The atmosphere set, I then had to hack out an actual idea for the AMV... Which was easy. There are barely any Dennou Coil AMVs here on the org, and I don't often run into fans who have seen this amazing anime. Thus, the die was cast: it would play the role of a trailer for the actual anime. Although it owes a bit to Douggie's The World is Living in how it came out, Dennou Coil is quite real, thank you, and while the music IS from a movie, the audio's not from a trailer either, so really, it comes to be something of a traditionally-untraditional take on the trailer category (although I think it's closer to drama enough to classify in that category for AMV contests, I guess)

    Following a few rounds of reviews from my helpfully critical reviewers, this came to be, and it's now here for your viewing pleasure.

    Now whether or not some of you will get the title... Well, I'll leave that to you to figure out why it's relevant.

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