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  • Member: OtakuForLife
  • Studio: Cat-Edit
  • Title: Tribute
  • Premiered: 2009-03-25
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    • Weezer The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
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    What to say I've been working on this for a few months now and just got it done
    barely before the Anime Boston Due Date this is a labor of love. "if you don't like it
    you can shove it" :). But from concept to reality I'm very proud of this video. For the mp4
    lovers sorry.. I can't AVS synth my way out of a paper bag and the computer is acting up.
    So you have minor quality issues in the XVID version. I want to thank is always my girlfriend
    cave for supporting my throughout this endeavor, I almost quit a few times. Mostly due to
    lip sync related matters (I've never been really good at it). But overall the video still gives
    off that old school charm that I was looking for. Also, if your looking for a big effects video
    this isn't it. Anyway enjoy what has been an interesting and enlightening experience to make.

    Shout outs to the home beta testing team:

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