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  • Member: Raggedstar
  • Studio: Lycos Fang Studios
  • Title: Ginga - Soldier Side
  • Premiered: 2009-03-23
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    • System of a Down Soldier Side
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  • Comments: Finally something new uploaded here.

    After 6 months without a full AMV uploaded (2 months spent editing this bloody thing), here is my newest creation.

    This is kind of a tribute-ish kind of video, even though I barely show Gin or Weed. This video has the other soldiers "singing" to Weed and Gin about how they are exposed to "The Soldier Side", a world of corruption, pain, death, and heartbreak by witnessing their fellow soldiers. Then, they finally join it and take part in the way of life, losing their innocence.

    This video will hopefully participate in Anime North 2009's contest. This will be my first time entering into a contest.

    NOTE: This is a different version from the one on Youtube. This is the same version sent into Anime North (no Animax logos at the corner).

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