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  • Member: Cross/fade
  • Title: Reaching Avalon
  • Premiered: 2009-03-22
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    • Joe Cocker Never tear us apart
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    Currently Im in the middle of a bigger project using Fate/Stay Night anime, but lately, due to software (and some hardware) problems, things like rotoscoping - well, I gotten pretty much tired of it. Few days ago, while eating breakfast I heard "Never tear us apart" by Joe Cocker. I thought, this might not be such a bad idea to mix it with F/SN. Especially since I had already ripped the material.
    I used this small (took 4 afternoons to make) project as break from all other things. I was aiming to make this look simple and cute. No idea how it turned out - Im not much of a romance vid. creator.

    So, maybe a little bit of romance then ?

    There are a lot of good F/SN vids out there. But those mostly are action amvs concentrating on the Holy Grail War theme. I wanted to make something a little diffrent. Used the holy war stuff, not as a main topic, but as a background for Shirou x Saber relationship. I wanted to present you guys all the things those two went through. Fighting, trust, suffering, friendship and love (man, this sounds so good, doesnt it). Of course, you dear viewers, will be the judges here how well I did it.
    The biggest pain was the beginning. I have to admit, I had no clue how to start this amv, so I was improvising for the first 30s or so. I think it turned out pretty good there. I start the story with Shirou understanding his feelings, then we got some flashbacks diving into the past -> fighting all the servants -> and then we get the ending theme. Thats how I see it at least xD.

    When slow, means slow.

    Probably my slowest vid up to this date. I tried to concentrate on the romance stuff, but hey, reaching avalon with many guys to beat aint easy. So action was added. Not too much thought (or so I think). Cant say much about effects either. This small project was planned to take 4-5 days. Didnt want to dive into some "awesome-flash-things-let's-make viewers eyes bleed- effects" stuff. Used mostly old fashioned long-white flashes, black an white effect. The end was a little more tricky. Had to find good scenes to rotoscope and work on them. Like putting those two closer together and stuff. Other than that, we got lyric synch and editing.


    Don't Ask Me What You Know Is True
    Don't Have To Tell You
    I Love Your Precious Heart
    I Was Standing, You Were There
    Two Worlds Collided
    And They Could Never Tear Us Apart

    We Could Live For A Thousand Years
    But If I Hurt You
    I'd Make Wine From Your Tears
    I Told You That We Could Fly
    Cause We All Have Wings
    But Some Of Us Don't Know Why

    I Was Standing, You Were There
    Two Worlds Collided
    And They Could Never, Ever Tear Us Apart

    Don't Ask Me I Was Standing There
    You Know It's True You Were There
    Worlds Collided, Two Worlds Collided
    We're Shinning Through
    And They Could Never Tear Us Apart

    You Don't Ask Me
    You Were Standing
    You Know It's True
    I Was There, Worlds Collided
    Two Worlds Collided
    Were Shinning Through
    And They Could Never Tear Us Apart

    Edit: And yeah, I admit, I just wanted to release something on my birthday without all that seriousness in amv business lol.

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