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  • Member: JaddziaDax
  • Studio: Katie's Web Sight!! Productions
  • Title: Sweets
  • Premiered: 2009-03-14
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    • Becky Jerams Everything
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  • Comments: Awww.... This is probably the girliest video I've ever made O.o

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    Won Best Drama/Romance at Tomodachi Fest

    Sony Vegas 6.0
    Virtualdub Mod
    Zarxgui - (for the mp4)

    I usually don't pick up most requests I see in the AMV Suggestions forum, but this song kinda caught my attention... it's the sort of sweet stuff I'm used to doing, so I figured it would be something easy to put together. Unfortunately life and LBP and Pokemon kinda got in my way O.o and I hadn't worked on it in a while.

    More recently I've had a hard time getting inspired, and I find myself distracted with other things, however since this is not a journal I'll just try to keep it to the video. Originally I was going to dabble with just a couple shows since I still had them on my HD and well I donno, it just felt right adding a couple more to the mix.

    Don't expect anything fancy, it is just meant to be a simple sweet video, and hopefully a filled request.

    Anyways if this is your thing enjoy :3
    Thanks for watching!

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