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  • Member: Inaaca
  • Title: Burst
  • Premiered: 2009-03-08
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    • Incubus Pardon Me
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  • Comments: This is now my fourth video on the ORG to date, huzzah!

    I've had this video concept in my head for so long that I just had to get it out.

    Now, I know that DBZ has a particular bias against it in the population, particularly in regards to AMVs, and for good reason, but I ask any potential viewers to try and keep and open mind and to give this video a chance if you can. :) Thanks.

    Anyways, this is a Dragonball Z AMV that focuses on the character of Gohan. It tells the story of how he grew up and matured over the years, and touches on the things that are important to him. With that said, it's a pretty high energy video throughout.

    This is the first time I've dipped into After Effects, which I used for effects at a couple key moments in the video. Other than that, this video is pretty simple from a technical standpoint, which is actually odd considering that I had originally planned it to be one of the most effects-heavy videos of mine to date. I guess I'm just not really that much of an effects guy, heh. Oh, and I also made a first attempt at an actual lip sync at a spot in the video (however minor it may be).

    This is also the first time that I exported in the MP4 format, so I finally made the switch on that. It turned out rather nicely, so I'm pleased and will likely stick with it from now on.

    I suppose that's about it, really. Enjoy!

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