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  • Member: Sheepworld
  • Title: How to care for your uke
  • Premiered: 2009-03-02
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    • Tenacious D Fuck Her Gently
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  • Comments: WARNING! This vid contains shounen-ai (BoyxBoy) and lots of swearing. (Repeated use of the word 'fuck') If this offends you, please do not download

    No subtitles.
    Contains all three Junjou couples.

    This is probably my most crack-tastic vid yet. Not all of it is lip-synched, though you should be able to tell. Baisically, it's Usami giving advice on how to be nice to your uke (hence the title) Really, he should get some training too.

    Please do not re-upload this video to youtube, veoh, or any other file sharing or streaming site. Thank you!

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