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  • Member: Klicks
  • Title: Idiot Cowboy
  • Premiered: 2003-04-22
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    • Jimmy Fallon Idiot Boyfriend
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  • Comments: Ok, after over a year of off and on editing I finally finished my first AMV.

    Personally I saw Spike as this super-cool badass hero. So, I tried to portray the exact opposite in my video, and Jimmy Fallon provides the perfect song. I was going to take the audio from the intro of the Idiot boyfriend music video and try to create an anime counterpart, but after so long in production, I couldn't bring myself to edit this video anymore.

    The lip synching is mostly the cut and paste frame method, although I did use rotoscoping once, and it turned out horrible, its pretty obvious as you're watching which seen I attempted frame-by-frame..._ Guess I need some more practice or patient for that method.

    The special effects are all quite simple, but I tried not to overuse them, and vary them, expirmenting with Premiere at the same time.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the AMV!


    Downloadable as soon as I confirm the Local download stops sending pack partial files. Until them, if you want the vid, contact me though AIM at Klicks0 or through MSN at

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