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  • Member: Rock Bird
  • Studio: Black Hat Studios
  • Title: My Goddess
  • Premiered: 2009-02-24
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  • Song:
    • The Exies My Goddess
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  • Comments: I was getting bored so I used some of the effects and stuffs I used into two of my AMV's, thus making a better one. Some of the effects I never used in the other ones, some I did.
    And of course...the plot. Well...not much to say about it...Kyon thought Haruhi was just a random "normal" imature cute girl from his class, who felt in love with her, but things changed when she did something stupid.
    School day came, and Haruhi's performance on stage too. She took Kyon by surprise when her song was basically their story, and she was singing damn well, and the crows went like wild.
    This is now a dead period in her life, she doesn't love Kyon anymore, and so is he. Just a thing that helped her grow up a little, marking the beginning of her carreer as a Goddess.

    Hope you guys like it. Enjoy! :3

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