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  • Member: Cross/fade
  • Title: Road to Victory I
  • Premiered: 2009-02-20
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    • Rocky IV OST Hearts On Fire
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    Hajime no Ippo is one of those anime titles I never get bored of watching. I knew that at one point I will make an AMV with it but the thing I needed the most was that one, final push - an idea. Rocky soundtrack was like the most obvious place to look for an inspiration for this AMV. And I found what I was looking for.

    Road to Victory I: Birth of a Champion (yeah, a very long official title) is supposed to cover the story of the second part of the anime (and I hope it does). The title itself explains
    everything. Tried my best to present you guys everything best this show has to offer: action, passion, fights of elderly people .... I believe I reached my goal to some extent. Well, it could be better, but hey - everything could look better.
    I did hear some complaints about the music, well, to put it bluntly - that it sux ... but, I like it - sue me.

    Technical stuff: Well, concentrated on editing. I especially like the last fight Sendo vs. Ippo. HnI is blessed with a lot of awesome looking scenes, so had a lot of fun editing :3.
    There are a few tricky parts in this amv, but the first thing I learned here is patience. I was re-doing some parts so many times I reached a point of not knowing if it looks good or bad. Im sure many of you experienced a similiar situation.
    So, right know I want to say thank you for all the opinions, suggestions etc. to:

    Arczi (who also made two great Hajime no Ippo AMVs, you guys should check those if your interested in this title), Alt_z3. And Verses, even thought I didnt mention him in the credits, I did bother him from time to time with my questions. Thank you guys.

    Boxing is kind of an oldschool sport, just like the music so I decided to use also old-fashioned effects like "old movie", frame stop stuff etc. People ask me "Why does this calendar show only an year ? Ippo couldnt do all that stuff in that short period of time".
    And he didnt. Think about this calendar in a category of a symbol. I just wanted to present the flow of time in both, his boxing and training.


    John Cafferty - Heart's On Fire

    Silence in the darkness creeps into your soul
    Envy moves the light of self control
    The gate that holds you captive has the door
    Burnin' with determination to even up the score

    Heart's on fire, strong desire, rages deep within
    Heart's on fire, fever's risin', high
    The moment of truth draws near

    Time will not allow you to stay still, no
    Silence breaks the heart and bends the will
    Defense is guilty passions out of control

    Rules and regulations have no meaning any more

    Heart's on fire, strong desire, rages deep within
    Heart's on fire, fever's risin', high
    The moment of truth is here


    Is here
    Oh yeeeeeaaaaaah!

    Heart's on fire, strong desire, rages deep within
    Fever's risin', energizin', right up to till end

    Heart's on fire (heart's on fire)
    Strong desire (heart's on fire)
    Rages deep within
    Fever's risin' (heart's on fire)
    Energizin' (heart's on fire)
    Right up till the end
    Heart's on fire (heart's on fire) (heart's on fire)
    Strong desire (heart's on fire)

    There will be a second part of this AMV. You can even watch a mini-trailer for it (you can download it below, the lower xx mb file). Why did I make this thing ? Well .... why not ? I had fun :D. I plan on realeasing it around summer (this year xD).

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