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  • Member: AllyKatAVR
  • Studio: Kitto Katsu Productions
  • Title: Rise Above the Drama
  • Premiered: 2009-02-17
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    • SR-71 Goodbye
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  • Comments: Runner Up for Best Drama Video at AnimeNEXT

    Video is streamed on Youtube, if you are having difficulty with viewing MP4, you may watch it there.

    This is an AMV idea I had back in 2006 (which is why this is such an odd song and series combo...) and finally came to be in 2009, and yes, I had no concept for this other than to just make it XD I was so anal about the organization in this vid that I think I sucked all the fun right out of editing it... I wanted to make sure that each character got the right amount of screen time by breaking down each verse, chorus, etc and I somehow managed to find footage of each character that fit their given line. I also managed to get every episode jammed into this thing. Do you have any clue of just how many revisions I did on this thing, tossing out idea after idea? 'Cause I don't lol. Effects aren't anything spectacular, but I did however achieve a few things that I've never done in an AMV before, which also was a pain constructing.

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